The Hook TOP TEN New Products 

Top Ten Available New Products 
  1. Arm Extender Tool (tm) -Consumer and automotive aftermarket product for cleaning kitchens, cars, etc.. Two utility patents.
  2. Sweet Spot (tm) -Electron beam technology with broad potential for allowing shorter CRTs, faster mask/ reticle/ chip manufacturing and smaller integrated devices. Patented.
  3. Easy Out (tm) Rescue Raft (tm) -Award winning search and rescue invention facilitates saving men overboard. Patented.
  4. Lenspector (tm) -Industry QA inspection lamp for examining optical lenses, polished surfaces, and other fine materials for flaws. Patent pending.
  5. Shaker Breaker (tm) -High margin high volume plastic insert breaks up the lumps in cheese shakers! Patent pending.
  6. Street Signs With Stripes -Graphical indicators of geography; great in cities!
  7. AFW -Automatic Floating Wall flood control device!
  8. OnTarget(tm) -Consumer optical product safely and easily administers drops to the eyes.
  9. Biological Heart Valve -Prevents calcification on porcine xenograft implants.
  10. PolymerPallet(tm) -Containment features, lightweight, strong, stackable, plus. Patented.
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