Ronald J. Riley BLASTS S.507

Twenty two Nobel laureates held a press conference denouncing S. 507 / H.R. 400. When fifty nine of the countries top inventors, including fifteen National Inventors Hall of Fame inductees, several Nobel laureates, and a host of America's most respected inventors ran a full page ad opposing the changes made via the GATT enabling legislation, AIPLA's Mike Kirk told a number of legislative aids that those inventors did not understand the issues.

Maybe IPO's Mr. Wamsley can come up with a better explanation than Mr. Kirk offered for the most current setback he and other supporters of S. 507 / H.R. 400 have suffered. I am waiting for a substantive response, but based on the lack of same in the past I will not be holding my breath.

In my opinion, the membership list of Mr. Wamsley's organization, IPO (Intellectual Property Owners Association), reads like a who's who of the worst corporate predators on the inventor community. Many of these organizations are running scared because they have created a huge liability with their disreputable conduct. A rash of large damage awards in favor of inventors makes it clear that the day of reckoning has arrived. S. 507 / H.R. 400 is nothing more than an attempt to return to the good old days when they could take what they wanted with impunity and to avoid being held accountable for their poor judgment.

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