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NOVELINT is a technology broker specializing in helping our business clients maximize the value of their intellectual property.  

Mostly we deal with patent infringement situations, but we also have an interest in copyright infringement and trademark infringement .

We put together a business team for management, enforcement, and licensing of infringed patents. Compensation can be based on performance, outcome, and contingency. Typically, an LLC is formed, and the inventor or patent owner gets a portion of ownership in the LLC.

Team members have deep experience. Quite a few large corporations have been dealt with successfully. Members of the procured team can include: a technology broker, technology licensing executive, senior patent counsel, outside patent counsel, engineers, expert witnesses, litigators, and/ or other professionals. Due to the booming segment, most of our cases involve electronics or software innovations, but generally we do not place restrictions on the type of technology.

These actions are tricky, expensive, and time consuming. According to one trade association, in 1999, the median estimated cost of a patent infringement action through discovery was about $800,000, and through trial and appeal, approximately $1,500,000. Therefore, normally the patent infringers have to be sizeable (Fortune 500® size) corporations and the potential/ likely damages and future royalties have to be in the tens of millions of dollars to justify the invested legal expenses and the possibility of years devoted to winding through the system.

Naturally, however, we prefer expedited solutions. Often, these matters can be settled without actually going to court. However, when need be, we have relationships with nationally known law firms that can bring in massive amounts of litigation firepower and handle any size case. For most opportunities: the bigger, the better.

Some preliminary due diligence will be conducted to make sure the claims are strong. Overall, the chances of prevailing depend on a number of factors, and there are quite a few potential pitfalls . To evaluate a particular submission for our portfolio, there is certain case-specific information that we need, and certain documents that we ask you to provide that will assist our review.

Whatever your needs may be, we hope you will consider NOVELINT as Your Partner In SuccessSM .

Best of luck to you in all your IP endeavors,

~Harold A. Meyer III, CEO 
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