S.507 --How to Destroy America’s Future

How to Destroy America’s Future, Patent System, Technology Base and Economy --With a Single Piece of Legislation!

By Congressman Dana Rohrabacher*

The Steal American Technology Act, How to Destroy America's Future, Patent System, Technology Base and Economy -- With a Single Piece of Legislation:

1) Propose a bill creating multiple changes to our hugely successful, 207 year old patent laws. As any attorney knows, any time you make major changes to the law it takes many years, sometimes decades, for the new laws to be fully interpreted and applied -- a time of considerable confusion and litigation. Complicate this by adding multiple destructive changes and the catastrophic confusion created will cripple the American patent system -- and America -- for decades to come.

2) Name it something benign and forward thinking, like "The 21st Century Patent Improvement Act." Wrap it in rhetoric describing the bill as part of an effort to create a global, one world utopia. Distance yourself from the foreign interests and multinational corporations who authored many provisions in the bill.

3) Don't let anyone know that this is a cheap rehash of last year’s defeated H.R. 3460, which was cynically called "The Inventor's Protection Act" and which was publicly disowned by the very inventors it was claimed to protect.

4) Copy the Japanese Patent System -- known as one of the world's worst, most abusive and unfair -- and just as it does, publish all American patent applications within 18 months of filing -- even if a patent has not been issued and the technology protected. That is guaranteed to make patent flooding and theft easier and will eliminate the need to worry about industrial espionage. Early publication is industrial espionage -- disclosing a company’s new technologies to every thief and brigand in the world.

5) Don't admit that you are copying the Japanese Patent System, as H.R. 3460 co-author Rep. Pat Schroeder did, inadvertently,on the floor of the House of Representatives last year, She said; "This bill [H.R. 3460] is about making our patent system uniform with both the one in Europe and the one in Japan..."

6) Steal the Patent Office from the American people -- lock, stock and barrels of patents -- and turn it into a corporatized entity open to influence from outside interests. Remove this new Patent Inc. from any real congressional oversight. Permit Patent Inc. to accept gifts and cash from foreign governments and large entities. Allow Patent Inc. to arbitrarily raise the fees inventors are charged.

7) Unleash foreign competitors and multinational corporations with armies of attorneys on America's inventors. Allow them to challenge and usurp any American invention. Give these raiders rights equal to the inventor so they can force costly reexamination of patents troublesome to them. Allow them to endlessly appeal wins by the inventor and to invite other wealthy third parties to join the fight, until the inventor runs out of money and is forced to yield to the corporate assault.

8) Defeat the stated intent of our forefathers patent system by permitting companies which do not contribute to America's technology base by filing patents to have FREE rights and licenses on patents obtained by American inventors holding legitimate patents on these same technologies.

9) And finally, rush it through Congress on a fast track so these catastrophic changes are made before the American people realize that their rights and their future prosperity are being undermined by powerful foreign interests.

So there it is. That's how you destroy America’s Future, its Patent System, its Technology Base, and its Economy, with just One Piece of Legislation! That's why I call it the "Steal American Technology Act" -- because that’s just what it does.

Now, I need your help. Please call your Representative and Senators today and tell them to STOP H.R. 400/ S.507, the "Steal American Technology Act" and to support H.R. 811 the "Patent Term Restoration Act." Call Now! 202-224-3121

Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-California) is a member of the United States House of Representatives. He sits on the House Science Committee and the International Relations Committee and is the author of H.R. 811, the Patent Term Restoration Act.


Reprinted with permission.
*Contributions by inventor George D. Margolin, inventor@pobox.com

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