Praise for The Hook 

Written Statements (Thank you!) 

"Most invention marketing companies rip-off inventors for short-term profit... but, Hal Meyer at The Hook Appropriate Technology establishes a relationship with his clients based upon performance. He has lots of good contacts and experience and is committed to your long-term success. After all, that's what inventing and patents are all about."
Robert DeMatteis, Author
"From Patent To Profit"

"The marketing method offered by The Hook Appropriate Technology is definately a cutting edge approach, much needed in this industry."
Ronald J. Riley, Advisory Board President
The Alliance for American Innovation 

"Three thumbs up."
Robert Lougher, Inventor Advocate
Inventors Awareness Group 

"Hal Meyer is very knowledgeable about the process of new product development and over the years, he's contributed valuable editorial material to Inventors' Digest."
Joanne Hayes-Rines, Publisher
Inventors' Digest

"I have worked with Mr. Meyer for [the past year] and am very happy with the attention, diligence and follow through he has provided. He is professional, personable and conscientous and it is a pleasure working with him.."
Diane P., Inventor Client
Bethel, CT 

"I gotta admit, you work hard."
Mark S., Inventor Client
London, UK 

"I can recommend him without qualification."
Dr. Kevin G., Inventor Client
San Diego, CA

"I am happy with our relationship. Really, Hal, thanks for everything you've done so far.."
Daniel R., Inventor Client
Lake Tahoe, NV

"I would now like you work on patent #2 for me. Please send me the agreement as before.."
Roger H., Inventor Client
[small town] Ohio

"I've read many of the articles that you've submitted on the internet and the Inventor's Digest. I admire your knowledge and your literary skill. Once I obtain a provisional U.S. patent, would you consider assisting me towards commercialization?"
Prospective client
Vancouver, BC

"I'm starting to like The Hook, he is a funny guy who likes to laugh and his articles are very good in Inventors' Digest too."
Entrepreneur admirer
Stockton, CA

"The intellectual reasoning and expertness of your [opinion] submissions are increasingly the ones that I read first now."
S.T., Manager, Technology Transfer
SRI International 

"A fascinating and useful site. I appreciate the articles  --both the diversity and the down-to-earth approach."
an international corporation

"Excellent response!"
Argonne National Lab 

"Having been there myself I knew you were authentic and a rare find."
Phill M., Inventor Client
Sacramento, CA 

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