Press Release June 1, 1996


New Milford, CT, June 1, 1996-- Harold A. Meyer, III of The Hook Appropriate Technology is among seven recipients of this years Connecticut New Energy Technology Grant Program. The grant entails a $10,000 award and is made to early stage innovations in energy conservation or renewable energy.

The Hook Appropriate Technology won its award for its new and proprietary Dimpled Piston/ Dimpled Combustion Chamber (patent pending) for internal combustion engines which creates micro cavity swirl at the piston and engine wall surface quench layer or boundary layer, resulting in more efficient combustion and less pollution. The net effect of the innovative engine geometry: increases swirl, increases fuel/ air mixing, increases surface turbulence, increases vaporization, increases combustion, increases power, increases efficiency, increases alternative fuel utilization, increases lean burn viability, reduces fuel consumption and reduces pollution.

Potential uses for the technology include literally hundreds of millions of automotive, truck, boat, diesel, propeller airplane, motorcycle and lawnmower engine applications.

Meyer stated, "We are just thrilled by this announcement. Its a big step forward for us. It is a tremendous shot in the arm and a real practical boost to our research. Where we go from here is computational modeling, federal grants or contracts, testing, testing and more testing and then commercialization.We expect that when we have test data, most of the industrial companies on the FORTUNE 500 list and any city with air pollution will come calling."

Meyer passed along praise to the creators of the grant program saying, "The real credit for innovative thinking here goes to John Ruckes, the Office of Policy and Management and the State of Connecticut for having the vision to create the New Energy Technology Program in the first place. All too often today government agencies either kow-tow to big corporations or create programs which encourage dependent or dysfunctional individual behavior. It is so refreshing to have a positive program geared towards helping people solve some of societys energy and environmental problems. What is just so incredible is that this program is set up for concept or early stage new technology development. That is almost unheard of in the industry."


Harold A. Meyer, III Chairman
The Hook Appropriate Technology
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