Wanted: Sports Related 

Wanted Sports Related

WANTED SPORTS PRODUCTS, especially archery. Company manufacture a wide variety of products in the archery industry. Although archery remains their foundation, they have expanded to serve other industries including ferrules for golf clubs, paints for fish lures and jigs and Christmas tree colorant. Their Tool and Die division has the personnel and equipment capable of designing, manufacturing and maintaining plastic injection molds and extrusion. They manufacture all injection molding tools used by this company as well as building molds for other entities. They would like to expand by manufacturing more products or parts that are either plastic injection molded or extruded. Also, they can manufacture large or small batches of specialized paints and adhesives. Paints and adhesive production is limited to chemicals capable of being handled safely. #169W. 
WANTED EXERCISE EQUIPMENT and accessories for TV infomercial by major $500 Million exercise manufacturer and marketer. #114W 
WANTED FOOTWEAR sneakers, running shoes and accessories. Major manufacturer/ brand name. #128W 

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