Wanted: Software

Wanted Software

WANTED for INTERACTIVE TV. Multimedia command streams and streaming programming languages. -Smart analog and digital set-top boxes. -Television post-production systems. -Digital video and media servers. -Electronic commerce systems. -Digital video effects hardware and software systems. -Hypermedia indexing, navigation, and control software.#164W
WANTED SOFTWARE by investor. Large opportunities in software sought; principal investors will invest up to $5,000,000 in any given SOFTWARE company. The preferred means of initiating any possible business deal is for software developer to Email an executive summary. #122W
WANTED EMBEDDED DATA or Digital Watermarking technologies. This technology embeds ownership data in audio, video, or images, and does not degrade the image, video or sound quality. The desired technology should be quite robust against attacks... that is, the watermark must survive attempts to remove it. #173W

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All transactions negotiated by or brokered with a performance fee or equity position paid by the licensor or client at the time of closing.

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