Wanted: Medical Devices 

Wanted Medical Devices

WANTED DERMATOLOGY/ LASER MEDICAL SYSTEMS. Company is a leader in the dermatology and laser medical system business. Looking for new products that may be in the same field, or other medical products. Will consider patented or patent pending technologies. #165W 
WANTED MEDICAL INSTRUMENTS for minimal invasive and conventional surgery, tissue cutting, coagulation (hemostasis), manipulation access (eg. trocars) and tissue fastening. Novel technologies including diagnostic and therapeutic methods are also of interest. #131W 
WANTED MEDICAL PATIENT EDUCATION VIDEOS. Interested in post-diagnosis, post-operative, post-procedure or with rehab related information content. Will consider any medically related educational videos designed to help patients when they either can't get the care they need (due to managed care pressure on Doc's and hospitals) or can't hear or remember what the instructions are (because they have just been given bad news or have been under or the follow-up needed is complicated anesthetic). It seems that most of the info is on cd-roms collecting dust or interactive software or getting ready for the Web but not much is available in cheap VIDEO format for the mass market. #163W 
WANTED RADIOLOGY PRODUCTS. Currently have product line for hospital radiology departments. Looking for new low-tech products that could be marketed to radiology department managers. In particular, products related to the transport, storage, and organization of radiology films and patient records. #145W 
WANTED FOR PHYSICALLY DISABLED new and unique prototype assistive devices for the disabled. Inventors must have a working prototype and it must be an assistive device for the disabled. It must be new or unique in some fashion. An assistive device is any item, piece of equipment or product system that is used to increase, maintain, or improve the functional capabilities of individuals with disabilities. #139W 
WANTED OPTICAL SENSORS for measuring oxygen and carbon dioxide in blood and other biofluids. #154W 

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