Wanted: NEW Materials

Wanted: NEW Materials

WANTED IMPROVED SPORTS GRIP MATERIAL. Company is looking for a nonabrasive anti-slip materials for a sports grip. The successful material will be required to perform in both dry and wet environments. Current materials are a result of 15 years of research and combine non-woven absorptive/wicking agents with custom blends of polyurethane. These materials combine to provide the user a high degree of control in the presence of dynamic loading. Moisture is accommodated by its limited absorption into the existing design until the absorptive/wicking agent(s) becomes saturated. Low moisture absorption is a desirable characteristic The objective of this program is to identify novel materials that will offer enhanced performance characteristics in this environment. Currently, there is no standard measurement technique for this type of application. There is not necessarily a direct correlation between Coefficient of Friction and the “slipperiness” described above. #166W
WANTED DURABLE FOAM. Wanted technologies that will enhance the durability and friction characteristics of traditional polyurethane and ethyl vinyl acetate foams for use in athletics without minimizing the existing cushioning characteristics. Current technology requires the addition of a durable outer material to provide the required friction (CoF=.5 to .75on linoleum) and abrasion characteristics (ASTM D1630; 250 to 800). The envisioned technology will not greatly increase the weight of the foams, and will eliminate the need for the current outer material. The successful technology will include few additional steps to the current manufacturing process, and may possibly only affect the outer few millimeters of material. #167W
WANTED BLADDER MATERIAL/ PROCESS. Encapsulation of Helium in a Polymer Bladder. Company wants to develop a balloon approximately 3/16 inches in diameter that will be filled with Helium. Specific needs require the identification of material(s) that will allow the total balloon to “float” when under normal atmospheric conditions. Additionally required, the balloon material must possess permeability to Helium sufficiently low to maintain the “float” characteristics for approximately one year.It is believe that the DuPont® Hytrel® family of products may adequately address the permeability side of the scenario. The identification/ development of a prototype manufacturing process is also needed to provide proof of concept. #168W

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