Wanted: for Consumer Infomercials 

Wanted for Consumer Infomercials

WANTED FOR TV. Marketing company that licenses and manufactures unique products and sells them into all classes of trade including mass (WalMart, Target, etc), drugstore (CVS, Rite-Aid, etc), and grocery (Kroger, Publix, etc), as well as catalogs.  We use direct response TV advertising to build brand awareness and loyalty to drive consumers into the retail stores.

The categories we are most interested in and are the most successful: greed, vanity, convenience, self-improvement products.
1.health, beauty, fitness 2.pet/automotive 3.kitchen/housewares/garden 4.education/self help/craft

We prefer that you have a mold, but that is not necessary.  You must have a working prototype.  If we accept your project, we will pay you a royalty and there is no expense to you.  We will invest several million dollars to run a campaign using TV, print and retail. We are now looking for products for the year 2000 and beyond. #185W

WANTED for TV. Lawn & garden, home maintenance, do-it-yourself and cleaning related. Previous product successes include Vacuum Cleaners. Will consider personal care and automotive, but that is not the major focus. Company new products are launched on TV, so it is important that they be innovative and easily demonstrable in front of an audience. Patent pending or patent issued only. #140W 
WANTED for TV. Company has launched such successes as: a food wrap ($55MM in sales), an abdominal exerciser ($200MM in sales) and a unique Pillow ($70MM in sales in 1997 alone!). Company is looking for sdubmissions in many categories including: automotive, beauty, entertainment, fitness and sports, health, housewares, personal development and vitamins. #177W 

WANTED for TV. Consumer products for infomercials. Criteria: 5x markup, not presently sold in stores, demonstrable, problem solver, mass appeal, developed or prototyped OK but production capability preferred. Self improvement products, internet products...OK. $50 Million customer. #120W 
WANTED for TV. Consumer products for 2 minute short form infomercials. Must be UNIQUE, $19.95 retail, $4-5 wholesale. Video Series, Hand Tools, Health & Fitness, Home Vacuum Cleaners, items to sell on national television and in national retail by product marketing division of $550+ Million (revenue) company. #119W 
WANTED for TV. Exercise Equipment and accessories for TV infomercial by major $500 Million exercise manufacturer and marketer. #114W 

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