Wanted: Industrial Technology 

Wanted Industrial Technology

NOISE REDUCTION. Innovative noise reduction techniques for heavy construction machines of a major manufacturer. We are particularly interested in the following areas: - 1. Active noise control system techniques and their applications 2. Noise depressing devices, noise absorbing materials; extremely low-level noise machinery and devices. 3. New machines with best feature including extremely low surrounding noise levels, if possible below 60 dB(A) at 7 meters from the machine. 4. New low noise components - fan, radiator, engine, transmission, hydraulic pump or other. #147W 
WANTED TRANSMISSION & GEARING technology for forklift and other factory-based vehicles. #150W 
WANTED LOW FRICTION/ ANTI-CORROSIVE COATINGS for steel and aluminum. Must be salt resistant. Collaborative development possible. #151W 
WANTED METAL-to-CERAMIC BONDING technology. To license or for collaborative development.#152W 
WANTED PRINTING technologies, printing innovations...could be a chemical, machine, apparatus, or process. #121W 
WANTED MANUFACTURED GOODS. Magnetic Media, Communications Arts, Consumer Products, Electronic, Electrical Manufacturing, Health Care, Industrial Production, Voice, Video and Data Communication by FORTUNE 500 company. #117W 
WANTED INDUSTRIAL SAFETY. Spill containment, industrial safety, ergonomic and industrial plant operation products by $30 Million manufacturer/ marketer. #116W 

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