Wanted: Food Technology 

Wanted Food Technology

AG/ HORTICULTURE. Seeking patents, new technologies and new products in the area of crop inputs in agriculture, horticulture and silviculture. Minimum $20M market potential at 20% of the market.

Any agricultural input technologies:
Fertilizers - controlled release or specialty
Insecticides - anything, but leans towards biologicals
Fungicides - as above.
Herbicides - leans away from biologicals
Services - any input technologies
Information - anything to do with inputs
Seeds - specialty, characters on low acreage, high value crops #179W

WANTED SPORTS FOOD & NUTRITION TECHNOLOGY. As "baby boomers" mature, they are focusing more and more on maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Foods and drinks that provide energy, clarity, focus, vitamins, reduce cholesterol, establish ion balance, and maintain the body at an optimal operational balance point are all examples of the types of products that fall into this category. Of special interest are candidates with a special "story".... for example, "this contains a compound that came from a plant only found in the bottom of volcanic lava tubes" (extreme fictional example, but maybe you get the idea!). We are interested in talking to anyone that has such a concept for a product. #170W

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