Wanted: Electronics Technology 

Wanted Electronics Technology

WANTED HYDRAULIC TECHNOLOGY, acoustics, marine acoustics, transducers, signal processing and software innovations. Must be patented or patent pending. #171W 
WANTED ELECTRONICS PRODUCTS. European supplier of electrical, electronic and related systems and assemblies, manufactures under contract for outside entities. Is looking to grow their business by manufacturing a product of their own. Will consider licensing, joint development, or any other legitimate proposal. In addition to technical and manufacturing capability, company also has connections at one of Europe's largest retailers. #162W. 
WANTED AC Motor Variable Speed Drives. Wanted Variable Speed Drive that can be applied to single or multi-phase, fractional (or small integral) horsepower AC motors. Seeking unique, economical alternatives to conventional inverter drives. Ideally, the adjustable-speed drive should be compact in size. Drives that offer closed loop capabilities are of particular interest. Customer is a leading U.S. manufacturer of power transmission/ control products. They have large, modern, well-equipped manufacturing facilities and advanced electronic controls production systems. They are flexible in terms of the type of cooperation to access suitable technology. It can range from licensing to other forms of strategic alliance. #148W. 
WANTED FLUORESCENT HAND LAMPS. A long-established, well-regarded USA. company is interested in purchasing large annual quantities (approx. 200,000 units/ yr) of Fluorescent Hand Lamps for use in maintenance, inspection and repair in industrial, construction and commercial applications. These hand lamps must be solidly constructed, both mechanically and electrically, to offer reliable, long life in daily use under demanding conditions. They have developed general specifications for the Fluorescent Hand Lamps they wish to purchase, and they also wish to consider existing hand lamps that are close to, or could be adapted to, their general specifications, which are as follows: Certification: Should be listed or be capable of listing with Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and/or Canadian Standards Association (CSA). Bulb: At minimum, should use a 13-Watt PL-style fluorescent bulb, with ballast mounted in the lamp handle. Primary interest is in 120V/60Hz versions, but also has an interest in 12V DC versions. Bulb easily replaced. Handle, Lens and Reflector: Durable plastic handles are acceptable; but prefer vinyl or “rubberized” handles for secure grip and comfort. Should have a secure hook for hanging and the color desired is yellow. Lamp should use a crack-resistant, clear lens to enclose the bulb and ideally employ a foil or Mylar type reflector. Switch and/or Outlet: Interested in lamps with and without these features. Cord: Should be thermoplastic jacketed, 2- or 3-wire (depending on features); 300V rated, with molded plug. Ideally, cord color should be yellow. Will consider standard cord lengths, as well as preferred 25 and 50 foot length cords. Also, lamps without cords permanently attached may be of interest. Projected Annual Purchases: Again, overall, the customer expects to purchase a total of nearly 200,000 Fluorescent Hand Lamps per year. To start, we would like to receive information on and samples of Fluorescent Hand Lamps which come closest to the specifications. In addition, we would like general information about the company’s activities (i.e., when established, other products manufactured, production capabilities, number of employees, typical customers, etc..).#150W 
WANTED IC CHIP SET TECHNOLOGIES. Large computer and electronics company seeks key integrated circuit chip set technology in the following areas: · Communications Equipment (eg. Cellular, WANs) · Multimedia Devices (eg. combining Computer and Audiovisual Functions) · Consumer Electronics (eg. Audiovisual Equipment) · Automotive Applications for IC Chip Sets · Digital Video Disks Devices · TV set/ TV set-top Box Devices · CD ROM Devices · Extraordinary Electronics Technologies. These acquisitions may take the form of a patent license, collaborative R&D, joint venture, or friendly acquisition. Previous acquisitions have included purchase of graphics technology for $100 million. #113W 
WANTED for INTERACTIVE TV. Multimedia command streams and streaming programming languages. -Smart analog and digital set-top boxes. -Television post-production systems. -Digital video and media servers. -Electronic commerce systems. -Digital video effects hardware and software systems. -Hypermedia indexing, navigation, and control software.#164W 
WANTED new electronic products in the area of radar detectors, CB or Ham radio, Radio Scanners, and any related technologies. #138W 

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