Wanted: for Consumers in Retail 

Wanted for Consumers in Retail

WANTED BEACH AND LEISURE products. Gadget and gizmo type devices. Accessories such as: coolers, lawn chairs, radios, umbrellas, electronics, etc.. #178W 
WANTED PAINTING PRODUCTS. Company has manufactured under license, over 20 million of one type of painting device, with royalties paid to the inventor for each unit sold. Interested in a similar relationship with other inventors should their products have the consumer appeal. Inventors should have fleshed-out their product(s) out beyond the concept stage to the prototype and/or finished tooling stage. Required 4 samples of the prototype/finished product for review. Company distributes its products throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico to Major Mass Merchandisers including companies such as WAL*MART (2500 stores), KMART (2000 stores) and Dollar General Stores (3100 stores) to name a few. In business for 16 years focusing particularly on marketing simple, functional, well designed & affordable products to Mass Merchandisers, Home Centers, Hardware Stores, OEMs and other high volume distribution channels. In addition to highly successful marketing of painting products company also provides Custom Injection Molding and related packaging services. #143W 
WANTED DRUGSTORE PRODUCTS for Retail by MAJOR manufacturer. Wanted consumer products which create attributes that cause consumers to buy. Markets include: toothbrushes, shaving technologies, wet razors, deodorants, cologne, shampoo, stationery, pens, batteries, coffee makers, etc.. Product must be able to drive a minimum of $100 million in sales. MUST BE PATENTED or PATENT APPLICATION PUBLISHED. #126W 
WANTED ETHANOL PRODUCTS. Wanted new consumer products manufactured with Ethanol, such as: Windshield Cleaner, Anti-Freeze, Barbeque Lighter, Degreasers and Cleaners. Multi-million dollar manufacturing and distribution company has existing presence in MAJOR national retail chains. #146W 
WANTED KITCHEN PRODUCTS. Stainless Steel Cookwares, Houseware, Small Kitchen Appliances, Water Distillers/ Filters wanted by $150 Million consumer products manufacturer. #118W 
WANTED TOYS toy products or ideas to license to manufacturers. Patents and prototypes are preferred but not required. If you have and idea or prototype for a new novel toy product that appeals to a large market, we would like to talk to you. If it is something we want to manufacture, we will pay a royalty. A major consideration in potential products is a low tooling cost, grand slam potential, and novel demonstrable features. #127W 
WANTED FOOTWEAR sneakers, running shoes and accessories. Major manufacturer/ brand name. #128W 

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