Wanted: Biotech/ Pharmaceuticals 

Wanted Biotech/ Pharmaceuticals

WANTED ANTIBODY REAGENTS AGAINST Epitope tags, Signal transduction proteins, Cytoskeletal and motor proteins, Transcription factors (both general and specific), Homeobox proteins, Cellular markers and Receptor Proteins, Adhesion molecules, Cytokines and Interleukins, Nuclear Proteins, Synaptic Proteins and other Neuronal Proteins. #160W 
WANTED ANTIBODIES to novel proteins, particularly in the areas of RNA, DNA, epitope tags, neuroscience molecular trafficking and receptor proteins. #130W 
WANTED HEAT SHOCK PROTEINS steroid receptors, ion transport, nitric oxide, cytochrome P450s, neurotransmitters and receptors, transcription factors and immunophilins. #161W. 
WANTED BIOCHEMICAL SUBSTANCES and diagnostic products, pharmaceutical products for oncology, bone metabolism diseases, cardiovascular disease and diabetes. In diagnostics, areas of interest include: new oncology markers (both protein and nucleic acid) nucleic acid manipulation schemes, label detection technologies, diabetes monitoring and new markers for disease. #132W 
WANTED PHARMACEUTICALS in the following treatment areas areas: Alzheimer's disease, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, arteriosclerosis, asthma, coronary heart disease (congestive heart failure), diabetes, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, renal failure, rheumatoid arthritis, schizophrenia, solid tumor and stroke. #133W 
WANTED INDUSTRIAL ENZYMES including technical enzymes (eg. detergent, textile, starch, pulp and paper) food and feed enzymes, personal care enzymes, novel enzyme activities and associated recombinant production technology. Wanted to license. #134W 
WANTED PHARMACEUTICALS related to neurologic disease, amyloid associated diseases, amyloid inhibitors, anti-amyloidogenic compounds, proteoglycan, and glycosaminoglycan inhibitors. Seeking to license therapies especially for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease, Type II diabetes and cardiac amyloidosis. Wanted to license. #135W 
WANTED LIFE EXTENSION, NEURO., CANCER DRUGS new, patented or pending technologies with reasonable clinical potential, available for licensing/technology transfer, in the areas of : 1. chronic neurologic diseases/ nerve injury 2. antibacterial/ antiviral therapeutics in drug resistance 3. transplantation 4. oncology therapeutics and 5. aging/ longevity/ life extension. Will develop plan, raise money and do clinical reseach. #141W 

Large US pharmaceuticals company is a possible CUSTOMER for patents, new technologies and new products. Below is a summary of their generic interests.  They have drug discovery research proceeding in numerous therapeutic areas, listed below, along with program interests:

  - Hypertension/CHF
  - Atheroschlerosis
  - Cardiac Arrhythmias
  - Thrombosis
  - Renal Disease
  - Retinoid Receptors
  - Scarring/Wound Healing
  - Hair growth
  - Male Erectile Dysfunction
  - Urinary Incontinence
  - Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy
  - Autoimmune Disease
  - Acute & Chronic Inflammation
  - Organ Transplantation
  - Pulmonary/Asthma
Infectious Disease
  - Antibacterials
  - Antifungals
  - Antivirals (HIV, Hepatitis B & C, herpes simplex, influenza)
Metabolic Diseases
  - Obesity
  - Diabetes
  - lipid disorders
  - Aging
  - Bone disease
Molecular Technologies
  - Macromolecular structure
  - Bioinformatics
  - Screening technologies
  - combinatorial and medicinal chemistries
  - Applied Genomics
  - Anxiety/depression
  - Alzheimer's disease
  - stroke
  - traumatic brain injury
  - chronobiology
  - Parkinson's disease
  - Pain
  - Cytotoxics
  - Angiogenesis
  - Cell growth regulation
  - Hormone therapies

Within these areas, they are interested in preclinical lead compounds, animal models of disease, novel assay technology, etc. #180W

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