Available NEW Software Products

Available NEW Software Products

MULTIMEDIA/ ELECTRONIC PUBLISHING. Israeli software company is looking to raise $3-4M at a pre-money valuation of ~$10M. They have had a previous external investment round with a post-money valuation of $6M in 1996. They plan an IPO in 2.5-3 years as an exit strategy. Their company is a 22-people software house that creates software tools for multimedia based electronic publishing. International marketing of their product began during 1997, and already they have a backlog of orders from Japan of over $7M, as well as major business deals elsewhere. Finder compensated by software developer. Executive summary, profile and other information available by email upon request. Venture partner sought. #0291A
PATENT SEARCHING SOFTWARE. New software helps search patents more effectively and efficiently. Automated citation-tree searching with duplicate elimination, on demand bibliography of early U.S. patents not in the U.S. patent database, non-U.S. patents and other technical and scientific documents, means to classify and re-classify, patents with by relevance to the search objective, and a straight forward, easy to learn and convenient interface for searching, downloading, saving, organizing, viewing and printing patent abstracts and full specifications. Software company/ venture partner sought. #0292A
BOSS --Binary Oriented Set Sequencing is the underlying technology that takes the world's information and UNIFIES it. The start of the Information Operating System, it combines text with something else and then pokes it (in a variety of ways with more to come) to get new answers, relationships, etc.. The end of it all is the Truly Invisible Interface --a change to the way computing is done. #0265A
SEM --Automated programming enabled with modules for encryption. More modules can be added later to add files, communications, etc..Create a procedure, verify it and it will always run Bug-free." #0266A
DATABASE SYSTEM The International Registry of Antiques and Fine Art. Patent pending. Ambitious plan calls for the catalogueing the world's art objects using advanced database and inventory controls including optical fingerprinting and microtaggants. Seeking $3.5 million. #0138A
HAR-MA-NOME HARMONIC METRONOME is a universal music accessory for all instruments, all styles. This is the first metronome designed to measure pitch as well as rhythm. Easy-to-use interface allows for an infinite variety of scale and arpeggio patterns, creating practice routines of any length (no MIDI knowledge or sequencing required). The exercises you create contain any combination of scales and/or arpeggios, individually set for tempo, meter, and key, as you wish. Teachers use this program to structure their student's practice, and, additionally, so that their students know if they are playing out of tune when they are practicing at home alone. Advanced musicians use it in daily practice. The harmonic metronome replaces traditional scale-books; it makes all other rhythm-only metronomes obsolete. A free Demo of the software is available. The full version of the program, available for sale, supports 18 different scale and mode forms. Version 2, soon to be released, supports a wide variety of other common musical exercises. The Harmonic Metronome software plays your computer's sound card, with no additional third-party media-players required. Special Requirements: MS-DOS compatible 486 or better, Windows 3.1 or better, 8mb RAM, Mouse, Sound Card. Patent rights to the Harmonic Metronome are currently being offered for license or sale to a qualified manufacturer.#0295A
ABCD CONSTRUCTION DATABASE. The Australasian Building and Construction Database (ABCD) is a multimedia database which enables participants in a construction project to electronically create, store and exchange designs, specifications, cost data and other other information necessary to make project management decisions. The ABCD can significantly reduce the administrative costs of a building project.#0159A


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