The Hook Available NEW Sensor Products 

 Available NEW Sensor Products 
HYDROCARBON SENSOR. System can report oil spills to a remote location via satellite, giving exact location of spill. (Using GPS) This system has already been proven using the sensors. It is the only sensor available that can perform in this
application. It is maintenance free device. It is not a capacitive type sensor.

The sensor can be used in small portable hand held units to detect ground water contamination. The sensor can be placed in waste water sewage systems to detect fuel/oil contaminations.

The following is a brief overview of  the offered technology, and various applications in which it would be practical.

Hydrocarbon Detection

Electronic state of the art sensor  which can distinguish the difference between oil/fuels and water. It can also distinguish the various grades of oily fluids/fuels, and detect various levels (PPM) of water in emulsified unctuous fluids. It is the only sensor known that will detect distilled water. Because of its unique capabilities, the sensor cannot be fouled by heavy grease or oil deposits, thus, it is maintenance free device. It is not a capacitive type sensor, and therefore, is not affected by any surrounding
metal. It is a high quality device that can be completely encased in a PVC or plastic enclosure. The sensor operates on voltage of 8.5 to 16.0 VDC and current drain is approxiamately 300 milliamps.  Physical size of the sensor is 0.5 x .75 inches. No calibration of the sensor is required in the detection process.

The sensor is protected by four U.S. Patents with continuous application. Foreign registration of the patents are in progress. A  trademark name for marine bilge applications is also owned.It is the intent of the owner to sell outright, all letters of patents
and trademark or to license the technology to world marketing industries.

World wide applications include the following markets:

1.  Marine bilge applications. (Any size vessel) A trademark was created for this application.

2.   Fuel/oil storage applications. Including elevated water storage tanks, reservoirs and standpipes, horizontal tanks, chemical storage tanks. 3. Aviation. 4. Home applications. 5. Environmental applications. 6. Concrete Stress   #0322A <==Click here if you have an interest in any of the above innovations, or if you wish to list your own invention here for FREE.

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All transations are negotiated or brokered with a performance fee or equity position paid by the licensor or client at the time of closing.
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