Available NEW Musical Products  

Available NEW Music Products 
MAGNETIC PICKUP. Magnetic pickup for stringed musical instruments.  Patented.  The main benefits of this
device are:  1.)  It improves the overall sound quality of virtually any electronic instrument by giving a true, even, and accurate reproduction of the mechanical vibration of the strings, 2.)  It achieves this through a new and innovative design, 3.)  It can be installed into almost any stringed instrument, and lastly 4.) It can be manufactured at a reasonable cost.  It features smooth, even, colorful "transduction" of the mechanical energy of the strings into electrical energy available for external amplification.  Due to the innovative construction, external noise/interference are almost undetectable.  The single best market for this invention would be for electric guitars (and basses). It could also be used for lutes, mandolins, banjos, lap steel guitars, violins, violas, cellos, basses, and virtually all stringed instruments. A number of prototypes already exist. There have been many...possibly six working models in use at the present time.  The business situation desired would probably be to sell the idea to a guitar or guitar-related industry.  #0323A
HAR-MA-NOME(tm) HARMONIC METRONOME is a universal music accessory for all instruments, all styles. Patented, with broad claims. This is the first metronome designed to measure pitch as well as rhythm. Easy-to-use interface allows for an infinite variety of scale and arpeggio patterns, creating practice routines of any length (no MIDI knowledge or sequencing required). The exercises you create contain any combination of scales and/or arpeggios, individually set for tempo, meter, and key, as you wish. Teachers use this program to structure their student's practice, and, additionally, so that their students know if they are playing out of tune when they are practicing at home alone. Advanced musicians use it in daily practice. The harmonic metronome replaces traditional scale-books; it makes all other rhythm-only metronomes obsolete. A free Demo of the software is available. The full version of the program, available for sale, supports 18 different scale and mode forms. Version 2, soon to be released, supports a wide variety of other common musical exercises. The Harmonic Metronome software plays your computer's sound card, with no additional third-party media-players required. Special Requirements: MS-DOS compatible 486 or better, Windows 3.1 or better, 8mb RAM, Mouse, Sound Card. Patent rights to the Harmonic Metronome are currently being offered for license or sale to a qualified manufacturer.#0295A 

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