Available NEW Industrial Products

Available NEW Industrial Products

POLYMER PALLET. Made 100% of recyclable and recycled High Density Polyethylene, the Polymer Pallet offers a safe, light weight shipping pallet to manufacturers using 55 gallon drums. With its unique immediate leak detection system this containment pallet capable of holding more than 13 gallon of liquid in case of spill has a static load capacity superior to 12,000 lbs. for only 37.2 lbs. of injection molded plastic. Nestable, it offers a true four way entry to any forklift and guarantees automatic forklift access even when stacked empty. The deck prevents any involuntary drum tilt and even offers easy transportation to specialized conic drums in use in the citrus industry. Patent pending. Looking for licensing or sale.#0298A
DIGITAL MAINS VOLTAGE REGULATOR: A patent pending automatic digital mains voltage regulator (line conditioner) employing an Application Specific Integrated Processor (ASIP) and an innovative transformer tap-switching matrix. The design is applicable to a wide range of power ratings, from a few hundred VA single phase to 3 MVA three phase, a high level not usually feasible with any of the traditional techniques. A regulation accuracy of 2% or better can easily achieved without compromise in control stability. The regulator features low cost, high efficiency, small size and low weight. #0303A
PUMP SEAL FLUSHING in Centrifugal-Pumps. Patented. Available for licensing. Useful for cost savings in mining and other sludge processing industry(ies); the patent discloses improved methods and apparatus for longer seal life through improved flushing of the seals. This is accomplished through a modified centrifugal pump design that introduces flush fluid to the seals. #0149A
INJECTION MOLDING. Method and apparatus for the improved manufacture of injection molded components. Process permits the manufacture of stronger and lighter injection molded components while conserving material. #0258A

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