Available NEW Electronics Products  

Available NEW Electronics Products

ELECTRICAL GENERATOR. Patent pending. New electrical generator design which will revolutionize the energy industry. New design is simple to construct and is scaleable for any application from powering a cell phone to a train, car, boat or plane. A computer simulation using 3D magnetics program indicates a negative torque in this generator design. This is due to the fact that the vector summation is altered from an opposing situation to an adding one by changing the orientation of the rotor and stator magnetic flux fields. #0314A 
DIGITAL MAINS VOLTAGE REGULATOR: A patent pending automatic digital mains voltage regulator (line conditioner) employing an Application Specific Integrated Processor (ASIP) and an innovative transformer tap-switching matrix. The design is applicable to a wide range of power ratings, from a few hundred VA single phase to 3 MVA three phase, a high level not usually feasible with any of the traditional techniques. A regulation accuracy of 2% or better can easily achieved without compromise in control stability. The regulator features low cost, high efficiency, small size and low weight. #0303A 
PORTABLE RIDE SIMULATOR. Patented. Space Voyage Simulator for entertainment/educational purposes that is portable from site to site by multiple trucks. It provides an experience for 60 or more patrons each half hour. The outward appearance is that of a large spaceship that has just landed. It may be assembled over night. It is based on state of the art technology. Available for development by sale or license. Projections of earnings and costs have been compiled. #0270A 
HOME SIMULATOR. Patent pending. For one user. "The Simulator" is a worlds first in the area of simulators, which allows every PC-user to own a Virtual Reality-Simulator at home. It is based on an office-chair with an electromagnetic mechanism attached underneath it. When not in simulation-mode, "The Simulator" can be used as a normal chair in front of a desk. It's VERY low cost and it's silent opperation just make it perfect for home-use. Looking for a developer-manufacturer-worldwide distributer to license it.#0300A 
TV DETECTOR for TV and VCR has been developed. It provides superior performance over existing TV detectors of the synchronous or quasi-synchronous types on the market. The detector is simple, does not use any coil, no VCO. The basic advantages are: long term stability, low cost, simplicity, no adjustments, good transient response, excellent color detection with low differential-gain and phase. The design can be easily incorporated in a LSI chip. A non-confidential performance report is available to serious interested persons. The report does not describe the design, but shows photos of the performance using transient response on an oscilloscope and vectorscope; there is also a discussion of the existing tuned or VCO type detectors. #0293A 
INTERACTIVE RETAIL DISPLAY. Patented. Retailers, museums and merchandisers can bring alive window displays and display cases alive with the new card-activated display system. Gives customers a chance to interact with creative displays in a fun- filled and unique way. Complete with a sensor, sensor control module and specially designed cards, the system will provide years of endless display and exhibit possibilities.The Infrared Sensor has an alignment indicator that indicates when you correctly aim the beam at the target area. The sensitivity control located on the back panel of the sensor allows you to adjust the sensor for distances of up to 8 feet between the sensor and the targeted area.The card system has a three second delay built into the sensors. This means when a card is held to the targeted area, feature activation will take place about three seconds after the card has been place on the target. #0269A 
HI EFFICIENCY LIGHTING SYSTEM. Patented. Main Benefit: Reduces lighting cost 50% without reducing brightness. An electronic system processes high voltage into a low voltage solution. An incandescent lamp is used rather than fluorescent. More Benefits: no toxic gases, looks and fits like a ordinary bulb, dimming included. Also, incandescent heaters, fixed and protable can be developed. Seeks development partners to reduce unit cost of electronics, test marketing and hardware development projects moving to full production. #0148A 
MIND SWITCH. Researchers have discovered that a specific range of voltages are generated by the brain. These voltages are consistent and can be produced on command. Circuitry has been developed to harness and convert these signals. The first of many applications is a Mind Switch for disabled people to control remote electrical devices. #0156A 
MOBILE PHONE LOCATION SYSTEM. The Insearch Mobile Phone Location System can meet the 125 metre location accuracy required by the US public safety regulators for all mobile phones. It can be implemented at lower cost than competing systems and requires no mobile phone modifications except perhaps for CDMA. The System is to be trialed using a portable GSM demonstrator early 1997 for British Telecom. A demonstrator for other cellular RF interfaces is also to be developed with an AMPS demonstrator ready mid to late 1997. #0157A 
IC THERMAL DIAGNOSTIC OVERLAY. Patented. Crystal technology indicates graphically when integrated circuit chips are overheating, allowing early detection and failure prevention.#0139A 
POWER FACTOR CORRECTION TECHNOLOGY. A dynamic power factor correction system has been developed with the potential to save up to 50% of the power usage of manufacturers or operators of commercial buildings. The system utilises a harmonic filter to improve the system input power factor regardless of load variations. #0158A 
DIGITAL TELEMETRY MODULE miniaturized, low power, digital telemetry module (DTM) that incorporates a series of highly advanced features. In general terms, this unit is designed to provide a wireless link between various electronic devices in environments where radio transmission is difficult if not previously impossible, such as in the atheletic equipment industry including a digital heart rate monitor. The unit requires 20 milli amps of power at 3 volts with transmission ranges of 30 feet or more. The unit is approximately 3/4 inch by 5/8 inch X .125 high. The DTM also incorporates a sophisticated digital encryption scheme to prevent unauthorized monitoring of transmissions as well as sophisticated features which prevent unauthorized copying of the design. One of the key features to the DTM is it's low price, typically $10.00 to $40.00 USD depending on unit volume and features. #0140A 
TALKING TAG The Talking Advertising and Security Tag is a small electronic point-of-purchase advertising and security device which is attached directly to an item for sale in a retail store. It holds a voice recording in a microchip that advertises, describes, or promotes an article in a store. It can be pinned to an article of clothing in a clothing or department store and the recording will describe the style, make, fabric, quality, price, care instructions, suggested accessories, etc. of the item. A customer simply presses a button on the unit to play the recording. The Talking Advertising and Security Tag is acting as a virtual salesperson! Can also include security/ inventory control. #0142A 

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