Available New Educational Materials

Available New Educational Materials

MAKING CHOICES(tm). Hospital developed patient education. A series of unique patient information and educational products known as Making Choices(tm). These products are decision aids (currently in the form of audio-workbook: booklet/worksheet + audio tape) which are designed to help patients make decisions about a wide variety of health issues, particularly where the decisions are complex, involve value-laden choices, and where answers to questions are not necessarily either right or wrong. The Making Choices(tm) series of decision aids are unique because they actively involve patients in the decision making process and prepare them for an informed discussion with their practitioner. The kits present estimates of benefits and risks of the treatment/decision based on complex statistical analyses (meta-analyses) of medical and scientific studies. They also indicate the quality of the evidence. Such pooled estimates of benefits and risks have a long "shelf-life" because they are less susceptible to minor fluctuations created by new study results. They provide patients with unbiased, complex information in a manner that is readily understood by almost any consumer.

The first product on the market is Making Choices(tm): Hormones After Menopause. This kit was developed to help women and practitioners weigh the benefits and risks of hormone replacement therapy after menopause. Additional Making Choices decision aid kits on a wide variety of other health decisions are in varying stages of development (additional topics include: atrial fibrillation treatments, prenatal testing, osteoarthritis pain relief, blood transfusion options).

We believe there is impressive market potential for this series of products both in North America and worldwide. However, we also recognize that successful marketing of the entire series presents a considerable challenge. For many of the titles, distribution cannot be direct to the consumer, but must flow through a variety of channels including healthcare professionals (doctors, nurses, etc.) who can have significant influence over the end use of the product, and other intermediaries (e.g. doctors, health care insurers etc.) who can play a role in regulating access to the products by both end users and healthcare professionals. #0307A.

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