Available NEW Consumer Products 

Available NEW Consumer Products

SHAKER BREAKER. Patented pending plastic injection part fits inside cheese, salt and sugar shakers. Breaks up the lumps! Consumer/ retail and restaurant versions. Also a packaged food version. Make for a few pennies, sell for a buck! Invented by a mold maker. Tooling available. Production possible too. #0268

ROW COVER. Lawn and Garden product (and also, Trade). Patent Pending. Outstanding design. Bungee Cord Absorbs Stress, Longer Lasting Covering. Protects Plants Against Wind Damage and Frost. Longer Lasting Coverings from Eliminated Rock Weight Damage. Conserves Water, Traps Moisture by Condensation, Gives Natural Mist. Keep Insects Out, or Allows Introduction of Certain Insects. Keeps Fertilizer where it belongs Without Leeching out into Ecosystem. Versatile in terms of Potential Heights, Can Cover Low Plants to Orange Trees. Versatile Possible Coverings: Poly, Screening or Agrifab®. Poly Materials can be Sonic Welded to Screening for Self-venting. Useable Year ‘Round, Adds Two Weeks to Growing Season on Each End. Bows can be Flexed to Teardrop in Shipping. Modular, can be Any Length Green, EcoSystem and Organic Friendly. Available for license. #0292A 
BIRD/ PET CAGE. Revolutionary, patented cage concept based on the use of netting rather than metal bars or plastic panels. A wealth of data gleaned from our manufacturimg experience and from customers throughout North Ameria has shown this new concept to have many advantages including: (a) a more natural/humane environment (b) the ability to enlose a variety of pets in one type of enlosure such as 95% of pet birds, plus butterflies, cats & smaller reptiles & dogs (c) greatly reduced cleaning, and (d) greatly reduced shipping & manufaturing costs. Seeking mass marketing, probably through a license. #0305A 
MEN'S PROTECTIVE BOXER UNDERWEAR. Patented. Helps to protect men and active boys from genital injuries. These underwear have a protective pocket to hold the genitals to keep them in front of the wearer, especially during vigerous activity. They are excellent when worn for sports activity. They are comfortable and very cool in hot weather. They won't cause heat rash or jockitch between the legs. This same support pocket can be installed in men's swim trunks or atheletic trunks. Half the planet could use this invention. Looking to license this invention to interested companies. #0304A 
HYDRAULIC POWER PLUNGER. Patent Pend. Designed to replace the ineffective small suction cup plungers available in almost every grocery and home store in America. Possible World market. This plunger is up to 10 times more powerful than all other plungers. It can be blow molded from plastic or molded from rubber. Should retail for under $5.00. Over a billion drains in the world, they all have to be cleared sooner or later. #0302A 
THE REMINDER KEY. Patented. Lock system secures your door and protects you from the major cause of completed burglaries --unlocked doors. The key has a built in indicator that turns bright red if you leave the door unlocked. No batteries are required and you use the key & lock in the same manner as any other lock. Inventor identifies "high need" markets of retail, commercial, industrial and institutional, as well as some off-beat ones such as OCD's. #0263A 
PRIMARY ALKALINE BATTERY CHARGER. This technology allows a disposable Alkaline battery to be practically recharged over 25 times. Prototypes available for evaluation. #0259A 
GOLF GLOVE. Patented. Helps to prevent hooking & slicing while promoting accuracy and/or distance by helping you to establish your grip! The Glove helps a player GRIP the club CONSISTENTLY EACH AND EVERY SWING. Consequently, because the swing is consistent each and every time, the ball is hit more consistently and accurately each and every time! The Glove conforms to the U.S.G.A. RULES OF GOLF. #0241A 
EAR-IT-IS(tm) Ladies Accessory Organizer. Patented. Always mis-placing your earrings? Don't know where to hang necklaces or place rings? Can't find the sun glasses? Running late to work trying to accessorize yourself in the mornings? Well have we got a solution! Makes a GREAT gift for her! It is a total organizer for the little goodies she sheds before bed time. She can place all of these things and more, right where she can see them. Prevents damage and loss. Small plastic device 16" x 18" --hangs on closet wall or behind a door until needed. This really gets you organized in minutes! $19.95 retail. In production! Great product for an infomercial! #0145A 
HYPNOSEX/ HYPNOSLEEP/ HYPNOHEALING(tm). Three great new audio tape series developed by a California psychologist. Separate programs, 4 cassette tapes each, to use self-hypnosis for relaxation and personal fulfillment. Featured in PLAYGIRL, SWANK and other publications. Appeals to all, but special audience for women. In production. Looking for an INFOMERCIAL PRODUCER to finance it, produce it, buy the media, and run with it. #0134A 
REGALITE(tm) brand chrome diopside gemstone. Natural gemstone makes gorgeous Jewelry. Brilliant sparkling green gemstone is RARER than Emerald, but has better color and is less expensive. Only one gem-grade mine in the world! Many Far East gemcutters and stone setters available to create finished jewelry. Looking for an informercial or TV direct company to supply with the finished product in large quantities. #0133A 

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