Available NEW Construction Products 

Available NEW Construction Products

ANTI-VANDAL SPORT STADIUM SEAT. The seat comprises of the one piece plastic shell (Polypropylene,
Polyamid, or Polycarbonate) which embodies patent-peending attachment mechanism located on the sides. The overlaping construction allows for the 50% less hardware, since each seat is attached to the ground on 4 points, by using only 2 screws. Installation time is shortened (less down time for the stadium in which they will be losing revenues). The construction also eliminates the collection of the trash and debris between the seats - which should reduce the cleaning times and
consequent labor costs. Hooligans can't take them off and hurl them at each other or players, and thay can't burn them since the seats have self-extinguishing fire properties of V0, V1or V2. Another safety feature is that seat forms a "skirt" all around itself, so that nothing can be hidden underneath it - like bombs, torches, or similar contraband. Makes policing or checking the stadium much easier. Other applications for the seat could be: other sports arena's (volleyball, basketball etc.),airports (anti-bomb feature), parks, hospital waiting rooms, etc. Seats conform to the newest FIFA regulations. Terms sought:
-supply seats to the stadiums (molds are already finished) & we'll pay 2-8% finders fee for any stadium refferal that ends up buying our seats -grant national or international licences, or  -sell the patent outright. #0316A
AFW AUTOMATIC FLOATING WALL Flood Control Device. Patent pending. Developed in The Netherlands, a foam wall with thick polyester skin rises vertically out of the dike or levee as the water level rises and seeps into the concrete dike housing. Device automatically lowers itself as the water levels recede. Applications include inland rivers and lakes. European GOLD Medal Winner for civil engineering. European rights to the invention are NOT available. Wanted: A stable manufacturer with established manufacturing, distribution and marketing muscle to license the product and market it. Construction products, waterways and/ or levee experience a plus. Detailed information package available to interested parties. #0131A 
PANEL JOINING "Neo Structural Elements." Patented. Extruded metal corners allow panels to be joined at cormers with minimal effort and maximum accuracy. Inherently strong, easy to assemble and no loose parts. Revolutionary product allows easy joining of panels without welding, notching, bending. Markets include: electrical enclosures, containers, domes, space stations, car and truck bodies/ trailers, ductwork, etc... This product is a winner! #0264A 
STREET SIGN WITH STRIPES. Patented. A simple yet revolutionary new type of sign system for distinguishing the different streets at street junctions. Very intuitive and easy to appreciate. The subject street sign has stripes parallel to the named street. Can also be painted on the asphalt at crosswalks and intersections. Tremendous inner city advantages. #0137A 
CONSTRUCTION MATERIAL produced of cement, sand, water and admixtures, using a new method of mixing. Developed in Russia. Patented in the US and Russia. Makes an end product that can hardly be distinguished from ceramic, appearance and quality wise, and does NOT require to be fired. Requires a special high-speed mixer and hermetic molds. As a result, the liquid non-segregated mixture of components is achieved, possessing fine features. Major increase in strength. The staining with pigments is much more intensive than in conventional mortar and concrete. Able to reproduce the incredibly fine details of the mold. Can be expanded 1.5-2.0 times using the gas-forming admixture. Roofing tile and other kinds of facing tiles for residential houses are being produced in Russia using the mixtures 100-150: l in volume and with 50 cavity vibrated molds placed for vertical pouring. Other applications for the material include architectural details, sculptures ipreviosly made with ceramic, light-weight concrete blocks, fiber-reinforced concrete, liquid mortar with the cement/sand/ ratio 1/2-1/3 for slurry pumping and oil-well grouting. Wanted: a stable manufacturer who would be able to create the special equipment (mixers and molds) and establish manufacturing, distribution and marketing for the product. #0143A 
AUTO ANGLEMAKER: patent allowed. A simple method of measuring shapes which allows remodelers to work on older or fancy homes without the need to redesign or rebuild existing structures. Saves time and money by measuring the odd, flat shapes such as out of square walls, as they are rather than having to rebuild the entire frame to cover such surfaces with plywood, glass or sheetrock. Doesn't require the ability to read the tape or have limits on the types of flat materials which can be used. #0296A 

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