Available NEW Automotive Products

Available NEW Automotive Products

AUTOSAFE is a patent pending system that is designed to monitor the driver's operating foot and then provide information that can be used to keep drivers, vehicle systems and traffic management authorities more informed. The information provided by AUTOSAFE can be used to alert all three to actual as well as input POTENTIAL driving and traffic conditions so that individuals can consider, prepare and act accordingly. #0310A
HEAT EXCHANGER A unique heat exchange apparatus, using revolutionary space technology, provides auxiliary/emergency radiator to provide adequate back up or emergency cooling capacity in the event of main radiator failure. The heat exchange apparatus of the present invention can be added to an existing radiator without requiring significant modification to it. It can be provided in different sizes and shapes.#0313A
TRAILER HITCH GUIDE. Patent pending. Makes hitching a trailer a SNAP! This product is GREAT! Automatically centers the trailer coupler right over the hitch ball. Protects the license plate and the bumper during hook-ups. Mounts on both factory and aftermarket stepbumpers. Makes one-man trailer hitching safe and easy. Available for license. #0306A
PULLEY BELT CLAMP. Patented. This unique tool is useful for auto mechanics and other repairman who must work with belts and pulleys in tight quarters. It utilizes the belt already in place to stabilize the pulley, eliminating the necessity to disassemble the components or accessories that may be impeding the work space. The clamp is easily attached to an existing belt without damaging the belt. The nut or bolt holding the pulley to the pulley shaft is loosened or tightened while the existing belt is intact around the pulley. A breaker bar may be attached to the Belt Clamp to stabilize the clamp and the pulley to which the belt is attached. #0267A
DETACHABLE WINDSHIELD for ATVs and four wheeled vehicles. Patent pending. The benefits of the windshield are the same as any windshield. It protects the drivers upper body including arms, hands and face from cold wind, dust, rocks, rain and snow. This windshield will fit virtually all four wheelers and is mounted to the front carrying rack by two or more "U" bolts. The mounting bracket is made from 1 1/2" by 2" angle iron and takes approximately 3 minutes to install and may be left on the four wheeler or removed. The windshield frame is made of 1/2" diameter tubing and attaches to the mounting bracket by two thumb screws. It takes about 10 seconds to install and can be removed in the same amount of time. This windshield is 36" wide and is height adjustable from 27" to 29". The windshield is made of LEXAN because of strength capabilities.I have prototype or can fax drawings to insterested parties. Available for license. #0308A.
SWIRLTEK(tm) Piston. Patent Pending. Winner of 1996 State of Connecticut New Energy Technology grant. Combustion technology for increasing combustion efficiency, increasing power, increasing lean burn viability, increasing alternative fuel utilization, reducing pollution and reducing fuel consumption. Seeking qualified engine lab to test. #0132A

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