Available NEW Food/ Ag Products 

Available NEW Food/ Ag Products

PRESSURE FRESH. New PressureFreshTM System preserves raw, fresh and processed foods so they may be transported and stored worldwide without refrigeration, chemicals or irradiation. Foods last six months to several years. Product profits pay for all equipment within three months. PressureFresh greatly reduces costs, produces superior tasting foods and makes possible worldwide product distribution. #0320A. 

PLANT GROWTH. Agribusiness product. Gibberellins for Agriculture and Horticulture Gibberelline-like compounds which manipulate plant growth and development. Applications for use on monocot crops, enhancing flowering without causing lankiness and excessive elongation and control of fungal growth. Chemical is covered and patent for application filed under PCT/AU92/00426. #0255A 
EXALT(tm) LOW SODIUM SALT SUBSTITUTE. Patented. Offered for license. Made with Lysine. Soluble. Pleasant tasting. Approved as food grade. The product is now GRAS for use in specific processed foods for up to but not more than a 33% reduction in total sodium compared to the original fully salted formula. Ideal applications use the product in a mix with salt on such foods as potato chips and pretzels. The appropriate food categories are: yeast baked breads, ready-to-eat cereals, soups, salted nuts and peanuts, salted snack foods and processed cheese. As a straight retail product, approval may be obtained. There is a potentially big opportunity. Food companies have historically spent low (~2%) percentages of budgets on R&D, therefore a company that IS willing to invest may later have large market advantages with new products. Other products, Sucrelesse(tm) and Nature Identical Butter Flavor(tm) will be ready mid year 1997. #0136A 
POTATO CYST NEMATODE CONTROL. Novel biocontrol agent for use in control of potato cyst nematode. A proprietary manufacturing process has been developed and extensive trials are in progress in a number of locations around the world.Available for license. #0272A 
PLANT TISSUE CULTURE. This program seeks to develop cost-effective production technology for the mass propagation of commercially important plant and tree species. To this end, a state-of-the-art commercial scale photoautotrophic micropropagation facility has been constructed. Of key concern in the current initiative are the consolidation of indigenous broadleaf genetic sources, biodiversity conservation and the production of high quality planting material for public and private sector planning.Collaborative & Contract Research Opportunity. #0282C 
BOVINE NEOSPOROSIS VACCINE. A recombinant vaccine is being developed for Neospora caninum, a parasite recently recognised as a major cause of abortion in cattle. Also under development is a PCR test for Neospora in tissue sections and a serological ELISA test utilising recombinant antigens. In early development stages. #0154A 
COCCIDIOSIS VACCINE Development: Veterinary vaccines for a number of serious and economically important bacterial and viral diseases. The principle vaccine development strategy employs genetic manipulation techniques which allow production of live attenuated bacterial vaccine strains (deletion mutants) or vaccines which use bacterial or viral vector systems to express heterologous protective antigens. Using coccidiosis (a protozoal disease of major importance to the poultry industry world-wide) as a model system a novel peptide vaccine strategy has been development which may be applied to animal and human disease targets.Collaborative & Contract Research Opportunity. #0278C 
COCCIDIOSIS VACCINE IN CHICKENS. Subunit maternal vaccine against coccidiosis in chickens. As the first step in development of a vaccine against coccidiosis, a team is investigating the ability of purified Eimeria maxima proteins to induce maternal immunity against other species of Eimeria. Offered for license. #0155A 
DAIRY. Dairy Food Research Activities include: phage resistance, proteolysis, cheese ripening & acceleration of cheese ripening, cheese diversification. Collaborative & Contract Research Opportunity. #0288C

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