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FROM PATENT TO PROFIT Inventor Education Web Site

Bob DeMatteis' new, updated, From Patent to Profit Web site helps teach inventors how to realize a 100% success rate. (Compare this to the U.S. Patent Office reports that only 3% of all patents ever earn money for the inventor.) At the updated Web site, inventors can learn from experts how to make money on their ideas and avoid many inventor pitfalls. Based upon the experience of several prolific inventors such as inventor/author Bob DeMatteis, Yujiro Yamamoto, Jerome H. Lemelson, George Margolin and Walt Disney, it teaches inventors how to develop their ideas and profit from them
by piloting their own venture and team effort.

At the From Patent to Profit Web site, first-time and experienced inventors can learn the basics about how to develop an idea from scratch, protect it, conduct a preliminary patent search and how to get their ideas mass manufactured and sold,
producing income. All this without spending a lot of money.

Bob has also added a very funny side to inventing with some "Totally Absurd" patent stories--"Greenhouse Helmet", "Cow Gas" and "Pantyhose x 3". Look for them throughout the pages, because while they might be absurdůsome of them have been successfully licensed!

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