Technology Marriage Ceremony 

by Harold A. Meyer, III , Justice of the Technology, presiding OFFICIAL

Dearly Beloved,

We are gathered here today for one of the most wonderful things in technology transfer and business, the union of a technology and an investor. This is not entered into lightly, as both parties agree to make committments and give up much freedom, however, in its best form, this type of marriage is most rewarding for all participants.

MEYER: "Are we ready?"
GROOM: "Yes"
BRIDE: "Yes"
MEYER: "Does anyone know any reason why this ceremony should not take place? For example, does anyone have knowledge of: anti-trust matters, bad faith, contested ownership, patent infringement, patent invalidity, pending litigation, prior users, file wrapper estoppel or non-compete covenants? Speak now, or forever be subject to legal action.
CROWD: <silence>
MEYER: "Do you, Ms. Lovely Technology, take Mr. Connected Investor as your partner, promising to give him many technological offspring, related new technologies and markets --and most importantly, promising to make money at some later date?"
BRIDE: "I do."
MEYER: "Do you, Mr. Connected Investor, promise to take Ms. Lovely Technology as your partner, promising to support her through lean times, promising to allocate adequate money and not to 'shelf' her, foresaking all other competing technologies?
GROOM: "I do."
MEYER (To the Groom): "May I please have the Letter of Intent."
GROOM (To Meyer): "I hope she likes it."
GROOM: <passes letter of intent to Meyer>
MEYER: <places Letter of Intent in Bride's hand>
MEYER (To the Bride): "It looks good, doesn't it?!"
MEYER: "Then, by the powers vested in me through our agreement and good business judgment, I pronounce you partners."
MEYER (To the Groom): "You may now kiss the bride's patents."
MEYER (To the Bride): "You may now reach into the groom's wallet."
MEYER (To Bride): "Oh, and one more thing.."
BRIDE: "Yes?"
MEYER <Shamelessly>: "In the unlikely even that you get divorced for non-performance, will you re-list with me?"
BRIDE <Smiles>: "Of course!"

<great jubilation and celebration>

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