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Question #7  

Q7: What's a good way to establish a date of conception for my invention? Should I send myself a letter and keep it sealed?
A: No! That is worthless. According to patent attorney Ray Nuzzo of CT, the best ways to establish a date of conception are: 1. Through a bound witnessed lab notebook and 2. Through use of the US PTO Document Disclosure (DD) Program; for about $10, the US PTO will issue you a serial number which you can reference in a subsequent patent application, and will hold your material for two years. Who is better than the PTO to confirm conception? Although, it is important to remember that DD has no value in itself and must be followed with a patent application, reduction to practice and other diligence.

The above is general marketing information. The above is absolutely NOT intended as legal advice; please consult your attorney for all legal matters.

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