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Question #5  

Q5: An invention promotion company took my money and gave me nothing. I am the victim of an inventor fraud. Where to go?
A: Inventor fraud is a big problem. Pretty much any company that has a big advertising campaign on national TV,
radio, in consumer magazines or in other major media should be viewed with great skepticism; the funding for the
media buying is coming from someplace, often from victims pockets. Do not be conned. Do not pay large upfront fees.
Be wary of sweet talking salespeople. Be wary of offers to develop and evaluate your product in secret. Confidential
agreements are gladly signed by scam marketing companies as they have no intention of telling anyone about (or
actually marketing) the invention anyway!
Here are a few watchdog groups, contacts and additional resources:
  1. NIFC -National Inventor Fraud Center. Aggressive!  :o)  Operated by attorney Michael Neustel.
  2. UIA-USA -United Inventors Association.
  3. IAC -Inventors Awareness Center
  4. USPTO -Newly created Independent Inventor bureau
  5. FTC -Federal Trade Commission. Sponsor of "Operation Mousetrap."
  6. Caution List -By Ronald J. Riley.
.....please also see our articles page which has more info on the scams.

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