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Question #11  

Q11: What is your success rate?
A: Good! But how do you measure success? On a percentage basis, next to 'invention promotion' companies, it is high. For dollars spent, it is off the chart! In absolute figures, the number of consummated transactions is small. The market is highly competitive. Leading companies in entrepreneurship necessarily need to filter larges amounts of input for a few winners. For example, some of the leading venture capital companies in the country only do a few deals a year. On top of this, we are a small entity and relatively new in the market. The whole question of success rate in a non-exclusive and performance based business relationship may be irrelevant anyway. Nevertheless, we believe we offer a unique service and tremendous value. As you can see from this website, there is alot of free and helpful information, and we have helped countless inventors pro bono with marketing direction.

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