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Question #10  

Q10: Will you sign our Non-Disclosure Agreement?
A: No. Why are you submitting something to us in the first place? That is an important thing to consider. The answer is because we are brokers/ marketers. As marketers, we need to be able to disclose information as part of effective marketing; we can't market something and keep it secret at the same time. Second, and similarly, most companies we solicit as prospective licensees also will not accept confidential material.

Please realize, there are two basic stages of new product development:

1. Internal R&D on the technology and market for the technology --which necessarily needs to be secret, and
2. Active Marketing --which requires openess.

We normally get involved at stage two. At that point, our clients need us to be free to discuss the device to effectively do our job in marketing, our primary function. There may be other reasons as well. Rest assured, if we formally get involved, our standard written contract says we will "act in the client's best interests at all times." That is about the broadest protection you will ever find, even broader than a NDA.

When someone asks us about signing a NDA, it raises a big red flag here. Many times a NDA is innocently requested out of inexperience or fear, however, the worst case is when a novice inventor erroneously attempts to use a NDA as a substitute for prior proper market research and/ or a patent.

Therefore, please contact us after you are legally protected and ready to go. Here is another resource on this subject, a complete article titled Why NDAs Are a Bad Idea

If you are very new at this or just have an idea, check out our I have an idea..   page for suggested steps. There is related info about what we are actually looking for on our Criteria  page.


The above is general marketing information. The above is absolutely NOT intended as legal advice; please consult your attorney for all legal matters.

Please email us your FAQs. Please also see TheHook's books page which has some more helpful material. Our policy  page can clear up more questions.

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