The Hook Easy Out  
Water or Ice Emergency Retrieval Platform
NEW Search & Rescue Technology!
Easy Out is a patented inflatable emergency water or ice rescue platform used to prevent humans or animals from drowning or hypothermia.
Many ships and boats have no easy method of retrieving men overboard, who are usually cold, exhausted, and without a route back to the deck or dry land. Easy Out combines the best benefits of a ladder and an inflatable raft  --facilitating rescues.
Water caused death has plagued man since his first venture from land. Those who work or
play in, on, or around water are always in danger of accidential, unplanned immersion.
The danger is not only from drowning, but also from hypothermia and predators.
To help prevent this occurrence, Easy Out was developed. Easy Out is an inflatable, in-water victim retrieval platform. It is deployed from a compact, semi-rigid storage case by CO2 activation.

Available for license.
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