The Hook Criteria 

The Hook Appropriate Technology is a new product development firm. Our principal activity involves licensing patented devices to industry, business planning, and advising on marketing strategy: a technology broker. Frankly, the response to our performance based marketing services has been extremely strong from inventors, universities and patent owners  --and even from acquirers. This   demand has necessitated that we implement the below criteria to maximize our efficiency.

Primarily, like acquirers, we are looking for extraordinary opportunities. Generally, we are only interested in proprietary technology which fits these ten criteria:

  1. VIABLE and marketable with customers already buying or wanting to buy
  2. In possession of an identified BEST SINGLE APPLICATION where 'early adopters' have a screaming need
  3. PROTECTED by an issued or pending utility patent (or copyright, as in the case of most software). We are increasingly being forced to focus on patent issued devices, however, in cases where there is a very thorough patent search and a compelling market, we will consider patent pending.
  4. PROTOTYPED and technically feasible
  5. Presented in a professional BROCHURE or in other marketing materials
  6. Demonstrably superior or a REVOLUTIONARY improvement in the field
  7. Addressed to a large MARKET in excess of $100 Million
  8. Likely able to produce future SALES of $10 Million annually
  9. REVENUE producing: the inventor/ patent owner/ client must be enthusiastic about paying to motivate all parties
  10. Owned or controlled with *clear* TITLE, or able to be cleared
The single most important criterion is always market viability. If you have willing customers, that is the biggest asset.

Like any business, we are always looking for homeruns, but we understand the value and practicality of solid singles and doubles as well. As a major part of business success accrues to being realistic, we must seek truly VIABLE technologies to accelerate in commercialization.

However, let us emphasize in no uncertain terms: we are extremely entrepreneurial and will consider almost any situation which makes sense. There is some flexibility on the potential market/ sales conditions above.  If it is helpful, please see one of our articles which outlines a general feasibility checklist for inventions, items which contribute to sucess. If you are new to the game and don't have a patent yet or are very preliminary in your project, please also go to our I have an idea.. page for a few more pointers. If you have further questions about how we work, have a look at our FAQs page.

However, if you feel you fit our above criteria and your project is feasible, or if you are a manufacturer seeking to acquire technology, please go to our submissions page.

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