AFW Automatic Floating Wall Flood Control Device

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The AFW Automatic Floating Wall flood control device is a patent pending construction innovation developed in Europe and the recent recipient of a European GOLD Medal for civil engineering.

Developed in The Netherlands, a foam wall with thick polyester skin rises vertically out of the levee, dike or quay. As the water level rises and seeps into the concrete dike housing, so too the wall rises. And vice versa, as the water levels later recede, the device automatically lowers itself.

Applications include inland rivers and lakes. European rights to the invention were already spoken for and in place.

The Hook Appropriate Technology represented the inventor exclusively in the United States and procured a US building materials manufacturer to take on the product. Presently, we have a signed letter of intent from this manufacturer and are beginning a due diligence period which effectively concludes our initial license marketing stage.

The Hook's work included efforts in finding a stable manufacturer with established manufacturing, distribution and marketing muscle to license the product and run with it. The royalty agreed to paid to the inventor was a very attractive amount.

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